Thursday, February 17, 2005

Africa: This about wraps it up for Darfur and any hope of getting anything done positive in the region.

"- African leaders, including the head of Sudan, on Wednesday urged the international community not to send troops to Darfur or to impose sanctions because of violence that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. The declaration came after the leaders met in Chad for talks aimed at reviving a faltering peace process in the Sudanese region, where a two-year conflict has claimed at least 70,000 lives and driven around 2 million people from their homes. "The heads of state called on the international community to continue to give its support to African efforts already underway and to abstain from all action which could harm these efforts, including the imposition of sanctions and all deployment of non-African forces," the leaders said in a statement."

"....Bashir said after the talks in Chad that he would respect all previous ceasefire accords. "We want this problem to remain African, in the hands of the African Union (AU), that the AU assumes its responsibilities and has the confidence of the international community," he said."
After seeing the work of African leaders in relation to Rwanda, Zimbabwe and every other crisis that has hit Africa, excuse me if I have very little faith in an All_Africa solution.

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