Friday, February 25, 2005

Canada: PM Paul Martin is not this stupid, but he does have to give the "proper" response to people against a missile defense plan. There is no way anyone will waste time to get permission if a missile is in Canadian airspace before firing.

"OTTAWA - Prime Minister Paul Martin said Canada must be consulted before the U.S. decides to fire on missiles that enter Canadian airspace, despite Ottawa's refusal to participate in America's missile defence program. "I don't think that anyone expected that there would be any other finger on a button than the Americans," Martin said Friday, a day after his decision not to join the program. "But in terms of Canadian airspace, yes we would expect to be consulted. This is our airspace. We're a sovereign nation. And you don't intrude on a sovereign nation's airspace without seeking permission," Martin said."

Conservatives take the opportunity to laugh at Martin.

"The opposition Conservatives mocked Martin's comments, saying they were totally unrealistic. "This is delusional. There are only minutes available for a decision. How can the prime minister realistically believe the U.S. will consult him before firing their interceptor missiles?" party defense spokesman Gordon O'Connor asked Parliament."

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