Thursday, February 17, 2005

EU: Whoops. PM of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero who has a bad habit of running his mouth way too much when he is not ass-kissing France and Germany, says that Euro countries will close their embassies to be replaced by EU embassies. This will help to promote a "unified" voice to the world.

"Zapatero said that approving the constitution would lend credibility to a common European policy in many arenas. “We will see Europe with a single voice in security matters. We will have a single European voice within Nato,” Zapatero said. Zapatero added that Spain had gained influence in Europe due to a pro-European stance. “We want more European unity,” Zapatero said."
Of course this doesn't help PM Tony Blair and the Labor party who said the UK would not lose power in the EU, something the The Sun points out with glee.
"Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Ancram reacted angrily to his outburst last night. He said: “Spain’s PM has made clear what Tony Blair has denied again and again — that the EU constitution is all about handing vast new powers to Brussels. “Now we know that, if we approve it, the EU will run foreign policy.” Neil O’Brien, of anti-EU constitution group Vote No, said: “Our government doesn’t tell the truth about the constitution. “It means another transfer of power to people in Brussels who are not elected and can’t be voted out.” Spaniards are expected to back the new EU constitution as their country has received billions in subsidies from Brussels. The new European masterplan states: “Member States shall actively and unreservedly support the Union’s common foreign and security policy.” The Foreign Office sought to play down Mr Zapatero’s views. A spokesman said: “Britain will keep its embassies, its seat in NATO and its foreign policy. That cannot change without our agreement."

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