Sunday, February 27, 2005

Immigration: Malaysia starts their illegal immigration hunt tomorrow, while I am for clamping down on illegal immigrants, turning it into a nationwide running man contest is too much.

"More than 20,000 soldiers, police officers and immigration officials will be supported in Operation Firm by 300,000 volunteers who have been promised cash rewards for every illegal worker they apprehend or any Malaysian found harbouring them. "These migrants and their employers better be warned ... the crackdown is on and there is no turning back," the immigration enforcement chief, Ishak Mohamad, told Associated Press. More than 200 places - remote communities and forest areas - have been identified as likely hideouts to be searched in the first phase of the operation. The volunteers, who will get 80 ringgit (£11) for each person arrested, have been given the right to carry guns and to search properties without warrants. Wahyu Susilo, a coordinator for the Indonesian NGO Migrant Care - most of the illegal workers are Indonesian, told the Guardian: "We are worried it will get very nasty and very violent. "These guys are like poorly trained bounty hunters seeking comparatively huge rewards."

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