Monday, February 21, 2005

Iraq: More backlash against Sunni groups who urged a boycott of last month's election.

"Much has been made of the Sunni boycott’s impact at the national level, with leading Shia and Kurdish parties debating the best way to include the disenfranchised Sunni minority in the new government. But Sunnis in al-Anbar governorate are now facing the very real possibility that they will not be fairly represented at the local level either. That has caused a backlash against groups that encouraged the boycott as well as anger towards the Iraqi interim government, which Sunnis say failed to provide a secure environment for the vote."

"....Al-Anbar residents are now demanding that their leaders find solutions to the problems caused by the boycott. They are pressuring their leaders to attend National Assembly meetings and take part in writing Iraq’s new constitution. In addition, some are demanding that new elections be held immediately at the governorate level. Members of the leading Iraqi Islamic party have said that they will work hard to address the concerns of voters in al-Anbar."

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