Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Lebanon: Prime Minister Omar Karami says he is willing to resign.

``I am ready to resign on condition that we agree on a new government in order to avoid falling into a constitutional vacuum,'' Karami told the leading An-Nahar newspaper. ``If the result is a no-confidence motion, we are ready and will bow to the will of the legislators.''
Meantime, Chirac calls again for Syria to leave Lebanon.
"The French President Jacques Chirac renewed his call for Syria to withdraw its forces from Lebanon accusing of what he called its spies of controlling it. In a joint press conference held in the presence of the US President George W. Bush, Chirac said that the Syrian intelligence runs Lebanon. A situation which raises questions more than military occupation." He added "his country's relations to Lebanon are strong and what is harmful for Lebanon is harmful for France." The French President warned that the security council will discuss the possibility of imposing sanctions on Syria if it will not start the implementation of UN resolution 1559 under the supervision of the UN."

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