Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Media: Bugs Bunny and friends get "re-imagined" for they can relate to the kids of today.

"According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, the studio plans to launch a new cartoon, "Loonatics," featuring futuristic, "re-imagined" versions of the classic Looney Tunes characters. The cartoon will be set in the year 2772, and the characters will be on a spaceship, where they will be crime fighters, with each character having a special crime-fighting ability, the newspaper reports. Although the roles and the names, such as "Buzz Bunny," will change, the new characters will retain personality quirks of their old-school counterparts. According to the Wall Street Journal, the cartoon is Warner Bros.' way to bring a classic franchise into the awareness of younger viewers, putting the characters in a frame that they better understand."
This won't end well. Bugs Bunny looks like he's Super Sayian Level 4. Original link for pic here.

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