Thursday, February 17, 2005

Media: More outrage from fans at the new look Bugs Bunny and the show called Loonatics that I posted about yesterday.

NY Dailynews: "..."It's just not Bugs Bunny," said Washington Heights resident Andrea Diaz, 36, looking at images of the new Bugs. "If they're going to make him so different, why not just come up with a new character?"
WB president of animation defends the show.
NY Post:""This is a kids show intended for kids today who are growing up in the Internet age, an age of technology, an age of hip, cool animation, and something that we hope will resonate with that age group," explained Sander Schwartz, president of Warner Bros. Animation, in a phone interview from Hollywood."
Problem is that kids know when you are trying to pander to them and nothing is worse than taking classic characters and screwing around with them to try and be hip. Look at the promo poster, it screams the "We need to be edgy and make the characters hardass" I can only imagine how they have Bugs Bunny saying What's up Doc. More unhappy people. Vodkapundit: ""Is nothing sacred?" Apparently not." Double Canister: "I will bet that this type of "kids programming" will go the way of other such extreme makeovers of iconic products..." KateSpot: "This is an abomination." Broadsheet: "I just can't imagine the new Bugs chomping on a carrot, and asking in a wise guy voice "Eh...What's up doc?", or Daffy Duck (who looks more like Digi-Duck than Daffy), calling Bugs "Silly Wabbit"." Resurrection song: "I can see no good in this."

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