Tuesday, February 22, 2005

People: It looks like University of Colorado got suckered into tenuring Ward Churchill.

"University of Colorado officials rushed to award tenure to Ward Churchill in 1991, thinking he had been offered a full professorship in American Indian studies at a California university. But a former official in the California system says no such offer was ever made. "He wasn't really a serious candidate because of his lack of credentials," said George Wayne, a former vice president for student academic services at California State University, Sacramento. "The lack of a doctorate was one factor," Wayne said Monday. "Also, he wasn't writing learned articles - they were advocacy articles that could appear anywhere."

"Wayne says that if Northridge had seriously considered Churchill for a job, they would have sent someone to Boulder to interview his colleagues and the university would have known he was being courted. Wayne thinks CU officials were simply determined to hire an American Indian to teach ethnic studies. "They thought Churchill was a hot prospect," Wayne said. "He wasn't that hot. The only place he was hot was at CU."

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