Sunday, February 20, 2005

People: Ward Churchill was rejected by two other departments in University of Colorado and was only taken in by the communication department because he said he was part Indian.

"Ward Churchill was rejected by two University of Colorado departments in 1991 before the communication department agreed to give him tenure.Even in the communication department, the chairman-elect was "uncomfortable" with the decision, according to documents released Friday by CU. At the time, CU officials were shopping for a department that would accept Churchill, fearing they would lose him to another university."
It gets better.
"Pacanowsky made it clear that he was under pressure from College of Arts and Sciences Dean Charles Middleton to make a decision on Churchill quickly. "I apologize for the manner in which we are having to deal with this, and I am uncomfortable with it, but under the circumstances of the time pressures we are now operating under, I could think of no other way to handle the issue," Pacanowsky told the faculty. Pacanowsky, citing other university officials, feared Churchill had been offered a full professorship at California State University at Northridge and that CU would lose the opportunity to hire him. Churchill at the time was rostered in a program that provided tutoring to minority students. He did not have a doctorate, which is usually required for tenure. Pacanowsky said he was "overwhelmed" by the position in which he found himself. While he saw the benefit of increasing ethnic diversity on campus, "Ward does not seem to me to be the kind of person who fits our mold of a department focused on interpersonal and organizational communication," Pacanowsky wrote. Three other faculty members from the department have also said increasing campus diversity was a factor in granting tenure to Churchill."

So the factors in giving this guy tenure was he might go to another university and it increased diversity on campus. Who knew it could be that easy to get tenure.

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