Sunday, February 27, 2005

UK: BBC director Jana Bennett compares American Evangelicals to the Taliban in urging people to stand up to "lobby" groups. The Tories are mad because the BBC is running a film they claim shows the leftwing bias of the company close to an election.

"In the most robust defence yet of the BBC's right to air provocative programming, Ms Bennett will argue that it must not be swayed by mass organised protests. In the speech at St Anne's College, Oxford, she will refer to suggestions that many of the emailed protests may have come from abroad, arguing that "it is now easy for relatively small numbers of protesters to organise what may appear to be mass protests". To cave in to protests could lead to Britain following the example of America, where last year's moral outrage over the Janet Jackson "Nipplegate" scandal has led to television networks steering clear of shows that could offend vocal lobby groups, she will say. "American TV culture risks becoming polarised because American-style fundamentalists are activists in everything from media and politics to the books kids read in school. Giving these activists power to restrict freedom of expression is a slippery slope. "We have seen where it can lead," she will add, pointing to regimes such as the Taliban, which banned all television. "
Yep, I hear people like James Dobson and Pat Robertson wishing to ban all television and radio, shooting people in the middle of stadiums, supporting terrorist groups.

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