Tuesday, February 22, 2005

UN: Ruud Lubbers gives his reasons why he is stepping down and it seems the UN is glad he is gone.

"My decision to resign has much to do with my wish not to complicate life for the Secretary-General, who is facing a series of problems and ongoing pressure from the media," Mr Lubbers told staff at the UNHCR. "In a way, our own UNHCR has less of these problems," he added in an open letter after four years as UN High Commissioner for Refugees."
"....Mr Lubbers, who has repeatedly denied misconduct, said the June 2004 report had failed to substantiate the allegation and referred to legal advice claiming the report by the UN's Office for Internal Oversight Services was "deficient in objectivity and impartiality". At a press appearance that UN officials privately described as an embarrassment, the 65-year-old Dutchman said in New York on Friday that he was merely "friendly to women". Mr Lubbers said today he would stay on as high commissioner until a successor could be found. "

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