Tuesday, March 29, 2005

4th poll shows Non vote growing. PANIC!

France: This is getting good.

"Opposition to the EU's constitution has become the default position on the French left, a new opinion poll confirmed Tuesday, raising massive problems for the "yes" campaign in the run-up to the country's referendum in exactly two months. For the fourth time in under two weeks, a majority of the French public told the Ipsos survey in Le Figaro newspaper that they will reject the constitution on May 29. A total of 54 percent were preparing to vote "no" compared to 46 percent for the "yes." But of deeper concern for the government of President Jacques Chirac were figures showing that most sympathisers with the political left now believe the constitution to be bad for France and Europe. "...Support for the "no" camp in France has been fed by a groundswell of discontent since the start of the year, as voters increasingly identify the EU with their most pressing social concerns: ten percent unemployment, stagnant wage packets and the flight of jobs to low-protection economies in the east. "European construction goes hand-in-hand for these people with business relocation, the decline of the welfare state and economic insecurity," said Ipsos director Pierre Giacometti. Last week Chirac won important concessions from fellow EU leaders, including agreement to re-write the so-called Bolkestein directive opening up the services industry in Europe. The directive was proving a powerful recruiting-sergeant for opponents of the constitution. But even this political victory appeared to have little impact on the negative polls. "Let us not delude ourselves: France is rebelling against liberal Europe," said Le Figaro in an editorial. "

Show you how much in a panic the French government is in, there is this hilarious tidbit.

"Barroso barred from French TV As hostility to the EU Constitution asserts itself amongst the French, all means are being used to stop the anti-Constitution sentiment spreading further. Following fears that even ten minutes of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso's "liberal views" could cost votes, President Chirac put pressure on France 2, a national television station, to stop Mr Barroso appearing on the political programme 100 Minutes to Convince, according to the Financial Times."

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