Monday, March 07, 2005

..And you will like it.

UN: Bush gives the smirk to the United Nations?

Financial Times: "...The choice of John Bolton as the next US ambassador to the United Nations underlines the growing sense of vindication in the White House and among neo-conservative circles in Washington over the decision to go to war in Iraq. Mr Bolton was the most conspicuous hawk in Colin Powell's State Department during the first Bush term, an unflinching advocate of military action against Iraq, a hardliner on Iran and North Korea and, quite often, a critic of multilateral diplomacy. Ever since the Iraqi elections, White House officials say they have sensed a shift in public mood over the military intervention. Opinion polls have seen a sharp increase in American optimism over Iraq since the January 30 elections."
The Bolton appointment is not making the left happy at all, which means it was a good one. Fred Kaplan: Just as it looked like George W. Bush might be nudging toward multilateralism, he goes and appoints John Bolton as his ambassador to the United Nations. There could be no clearer sign that the contempt for the international organization, which was such a prominent feature of Bush's first term, will extend into his second term with still greater force and eloquence. NYTIMES: "While the diplomats and administration insiders who raised questions did so anonymously because of the sensitivity of the nomination, in the Senate, where he will have to be confirmed, Democrats publicly criticized the appointment. Some Republicans predicted that he might have difficulty winning confirmation. "This is a disappointing choice and one that sends all the wrong signals," said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader. "

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