Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Canada liberal party screws up Kyoto measure.

Canada: How bad of a plan is it when no one likes it?

"Ottawa — Canada's major environmental groups have turned against the federal government over a controversial Kyoto budget measure, increasing the pressure on the Liberals to back down and avoid a showdown with the Conservatives that could lead to a spring election. The NDP and Bloc Québécois have already pledged to vote against the budget bill. Last week, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper also vowed to vote against it unless the environmental provision is removed. Yesterday, eight environmental groups issued a joint statement saying the provision — which would allow Ottawa to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act — is creating an "unnecessary and divisive" debate. The groups found themselves in unlikely agreement with the oil industry, which also criticized the government's approach yesterday, saying it cuts short the debate on Kyoto implementation."

This is a slick move if you want to regulate without debate.

"At issue are a series of changes contained in budget legislation that remove all references to the word "toxic" from the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. That would broaden the substances that could be regulated under that law to include carbon dioxide."

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