Monday, March 07, 2005

Congo: UN peacekeepers like the fact they are getting orders to fight back.

"....But tens of thousands have been slaughtered, many in full view of UN bases. And yet the policy of laissez-faire suddenly ended last week when Pakistani UN troops were ordered to dismantle a militia camp in Ituri, seize documents and arrest commanders – and to use force in the attempt. The militia, the Nationalist and Integrationalist forces (FNI) hit back with mortar and machinegun fire. But instead of retreating, as would have been the norm in the past, the Pakistanis counter attacked, killing up to 60 militiamen in a four-hour battle. "We have been so tired of looking the other way for all this time," said a Pakistani corporal involved in the operation. "To actually kill some of the murderers and rapists that have turned this place into a living hell feels very good."

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