Sunday, March 27, 2005

Gays are ignorant of HIV transmission... yeah right

Medical: The Guardian pushing a line of horse manure.

"...Both men have given accounts to Dr Blick of how they may have passed the infection to the New York patient - a story which leads straight to the door of the West Side Club and shines an uncomfortable light on the crystal meth sex scene and the widespread ignorance among gay men about the risks associated with HIV transmission. Unlike other venues where men meet for anonymous sex, West Side has a reputation for being a friendly and pressure-free environment. Many men undoubtedly visit the bathhouse simply to unwind after a hard day at the office. Others go there in the hope of finding sympathetic partners - or, in the phraseology favoured by crystal meths users, to "party and play". According to one regular attendee who asked to remain anonymous, the West Side Club is attractive to many HIV positive men precisely because "no one questions you about your HIV status" there. The result is "everyone assumes everyone is positive". He says that when he has offered to use condoms in the past he has been told by the men he has partnered not to bother. Instead, like many of the bathhouse's clientele, he goes "bareback" oblivious to the fact that even HIV positive men need to protect themselves during anal sex because of the risk of cross-infection with different strains of the virus. "

How can there be widespread ignorance about the risks of getting infected? That is a lame excuse to a practice among a subset of the gay community who don't give a damn about practicing safe sex and thinking it is all a game. The most recent example of this was Erasure member Andy Bell who had this nugget of wisdom.

Female First: "The openly homosexual singer revealed he was HIV positive in December - six years after he was diagnosed with the fatal disease - and admits he believed catching the illness was a re-affirmation of his homosexuality. He said: "You are going to think this strange, but I wanted to be HIV positive. I thought HIV was a touchstone of being gay." The 'Breathe' singer also says he doesn't think about dying, because he believes he can fight the disease for many years with the help of medicine."

I have a hard time feeling sorry and sympathy for stupid people.

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