Friday, March 25, 2005

Kilpatrick: It's not my fault that Detroit sucks

Politics: Mayor Kwame"Navigator rollin" Kilpatrick of the failed city known as Detroit says he is not to blame for Detroit being the sink hole of urban planning that it is.

"In January, Kilpatrick announced the city was teetering on the brink of a financial crisis and said he was cutting 900 city jobs. At the time, he called on unions and city contractors to make concessions as well -- a call he reiterated Tuesday. Kilpatrick said the national economy was hurting Detroit and criticized cuts in federal assistance for local governments. Cuts in state revenue-sharing and rising pension and health care costs are also factors, he said. Meanwhile, the continued exodus of residents from Detroit continues to erode the city's tax base. Kilpatrick said Tuesday the city must address its high taxes and insurance rates, as well as the problems with its public schools, if it wants to keep families from leaving. "
I agree with him about the national economy since it is growing and shows what a depressing hellhole of a city Detroit is to business and people who want to live in a thriving city.

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