Sunday, March 27, 2005

Mugabe policies at work.

Africa: Once again the coddling of Mugabe by various African leaders, looking at you Mbeki, has allowed for this country to become nothing more than a third world nation and I'm being generous in saying that.

"While Mugabe's friends Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Daniel arap Moi of Kenya and Namibia's Sam Nujoma have all left office, Africa's last remaining independence leader has used every trick in the brutality book to stay in power. Many of those who dared to oppose Mugabe have been tortured and killed, and their womenfolk raped; the free press has been bombed and closed down; almost all the white commercial farmers have been kicked off their farms, destroying the country's agriculture and leaving the nation hungry; and food aid has been reserved for followers of the ruling party. Supporters of Mugabe have been rewarded with jobs and farms, making all sectors of society complicit. The recipients of farms include 15 high court judges, senior military and police officers and the Anglican bishop of Harare. But with the country in its third year of a drought, Mugabe may have gone too far. Last year he halted foreign food aid, announcing that the country had a bumper harvest and was "choking" on food. Yet diplomats estimate the harvest of maize, Zimbabwe's staple, at 300,000 tons, one-sixth of what it needs. The opposition claims the government has been handing out D-grade maize usually used for animal feed. Foodnet, an international organisation that monitors hunger, estimates that more than 5m people, almost half the population, are on the verge of starvation. Another 3m - many of them professional people - have already voted with their feet and gone abroad. The country has been left perilously short of doctors and nurses. As those who remain go to the polls in parliamentary elections this Thursday, people are daring to believe that Mugabe's sins may finally be returning to haunt him."

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