Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nancy Grace powers CNNHN past MSNBC.

Media: Nancy Grace mania runs up and over MSNBC to third place.

"NEW YORK (AP) -- CNN Headline News has supplanted MSNBC as the third-place cable news channel. CNN's sister network recently started a new prime-time lineup that has gotten off to a strong start, particularly a legal-oriented talk show with Nancy Grace. The new format replaced the continuous half-hour newscasts that CNN Headline News still carries for most of the day. But in its first month, the changes enabled the network to eclipse MSNBC in the prime-time ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research. For the full day, CNN Headline News also beat MSNBC for the first three months of the year. ....Grace, who benefited from a busy month of legal news including Michael Jackson's trial, averaged 518,000 viewers in March, Nielsen said. That instantly made her show more popular than anything on MSNBC, including "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. "She's a unique talent," Jautz said. "She's not only an analyst who comments on something, she's a practitioner. She has a practitioner's knowledge, expertise and passion." The ratings show no momentum for MSNBC, and published reports say NBC Universal has been in talks with Microsoft about dissolving their partnership and taking MSNBC over completely. "Headline News has brought new viewers to cable news and in the end that will be good for everyone," MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines said."
Well, it won't be good for MSNBC since they are not getting any of the new audience. I pick on Olbermann, but the lineup of MSNBC from Abrams who comes off like a snot nosed frat punk to Matthews and Olbermann who are the two most unlikeable people on cable news needs a major rework. It's not working.

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