Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oliver Willis, Jew Hater? No, just a bit slow.

Blogs: Oliver Willis wrote this

"Paul Wolfowitz helped send 1,517 U.S. soldiers off to die - he's perfect to help work on global poverty. Bush on the filthy Wolfowitz: "a compassionate, decent, man". That tells you all you need to know about Bush's damn "values".
James Lileks wrote this.
"This morning I was clicking around, following some links about Wolfowitz’ nomination to the World Bank (mrghmghfm) (surpressing mad laughter) (mrghmghfm) (Sorry, mwa HAHAHAHAHA) and encountered one of those brand-name sites I don’t visit much because the proprietor has nothing to say and no particular skill at saying it. He referred to that “filthy Wolfowitz.” Do you often come across the word “filthy” applied to many politicians? No. Can you recall which group, in the last, oh, 60 years, got tarred with that word most frequently? Just curious. If the word rings no bells for you, then I’m overreacting. Obviously rung no bells for the author. I expect he will be equally unaffected if Trent Lott refers to “that uppity Rev. Jackson.”
Ace of Spades and John Cole defend Oliver from the implication he is anti-semitic. I think Willis is a dumb liberal who used an unfortunate mixing of words without thinking. But he damn sure invoked Godwin's law against LGF here.

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