Thursday, March 24, 2005

P Diddy continues to annoy me.

Media: Someone got an overinflated opinion about himself.

"He also has a movie in development with MTV Films, an urban heist picture for which he will be producer and star. "I was watching 'Ocean's 11,'" said Combs, referring to Steven Soderbergh's remake of the classic Rat Pack film, "and I just couldn't relate to it. "You have all these black icons," he continued, "Chris Rock or Chris Tucker in comedy, Denzel [Washington] and Jamie Foxx in acting, me and Jay-Z in music, what about us? It's about time to put the greatest black icons in a film together. We're not running around in 'do-rags and low riders anymore." This is one project that Combs is unequivocal about appearing in. "I'm trying to hit the big screen, baby," he said. "I'm trying for my head to be 6 feet tall."
Why would he be in this film if it's about greatest black icons?

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