Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Plans by U.S. to Dominate Space Raising Concerns

Space: But who is concerned?

"Arms control advocates in the United States and abroad are expressing concern with the Bush administration's push for military superiority in space. A series of Pentagon doctrinal papers, released over the past year, have emphasized that the U.S. military is increasingly dependent on space satellites for offensive and defensive operations, and must be able to protect them in times of war. "
Damn those Pentagon people wanting America to be first and the best in space,that is un-American.
Michael Krepon, president emeritus of the Henry L. Stimson Center and an arms control official in the Clinton administration, said the United States is moving toward a national space doctrine that is "preemptive and proactive." He expects the Bush administration to produce a new National Space Policy statement soon that will contrast with the one adopted in 1996 by President Bill Clinton. "We adopted the traditional U.S. position of being a reluctant space warrior," Krepon said of the Clinton position. "Space was to be used for peaceful purposes, but if someone messed with us, we couldn't allow that to happen. But it was not our space policy preference."
Typical Clinton official, wait till they hit us first before we do anything, we must be caring of other's feelings. As if the Russians or Chinese are not working on the same type of weapons, they are not going to stop if we did.

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