Friday, March 25, 2005

Reality TV, Iraqi style.

Iraq: Fox is asking for local rights.

"Television helps break mystique of holy warrior By Steve Negus and Dhiya Rasan Published: March 24 2005 02:00 Last updated: March 24 2005 02:00 Say theword mujahid- or holy warrior - these days and many inhabitants of Baghdad are likely to snigger. An appellation once worn as a badge of pride by anti-American insurgents has now become street slang for homosexuals, after men claiming to be captured Islamist guerrillas confessed that they were holding gay orgies in the popular Iraqi TV programme Terror in the Hands of Justice. For Iraqis opposed to the predominantly Sunni Islamist insurgency, Terror in the Hands of Justice, which airs twice daily on Iraqi public television, has broken the mystique of a force that used to strike terror into the hearts of anyone working with the Americans or the new government. But for many Sunni, even some who do not support the insurgents' goals, the programme's suggestion that the entire guerrilla movement comprises sexual libertines and petty criminals is an insult to their community."

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