Friday, March 25, 2005

Third Survey shows "Non" Vote rising

France: This poll seems to be taken before France gutted the open service pact.

"PARIS (Reuters) - Opposition to the European Union constitution is growing in France despite political leaders' efforts to drum up support for the treaty, a poll shows. Fifty-five percent of French voters who have decided how they will vote in a May 29 referendum on the constitution plan to reject the text, according to the poll for the weekly Marianne magazine, to be published on Saturday. The poll was the third survey in less than two weeks to show a majority against a constitution that is intended to make the EU work more smoothly. The proportion opposed to the treaty has risen from 51 percent and 52 percent in the two previous polls -- a trend which will dismay France's main political parties, who have stepped up their campaign for the EU treaty in recent days."

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