Monday, March 07, 2005

UK: Keep those black boys from the rest to get smarter.

This nonsense pops up at least twice a year before being brutally ripped apart, this time from the UK race relations chief Trevor Phillps who wants to keep black children apart to better their grades.

"Mr Phillips told Inside Out, the BBC One programme due to be broadcast at 7.30pm today, that many black boys were suffering from a culture where it was not cool to be clever, and they lacked selfesteem and good role models. “If the only way to break through the wall of attitude that surrounds black boys is to teach them separately for some subjects, then we should be ready for that,” he said. A spokeswoman for Mr Phillips said last night that he did not believe that separate lessons were right for all black boys but he was reacting in the BBC programme to a successful experiment in a US school. "
Question, How can you get rid of the "wall of attitude" when you have everyone together seperate from other races? Now you are going to give them an inferiority complex along with the I'm too hip for education mentality. The idea gets brutally ripped apart.
"Baroness Rosalind Howells, the black Labour peer, dismissed Mr Phillips’s suggestion, saying it would be a step back to the racially divided United States of the past century. She said: “I would never support segregation of any sort. It is the education system that is failing not only black pupils but also white working-class pupils from council estates. Now if you were to segregate these groups of pupils and drive them away from each other and prevent them playing with each other, then when these groups meet up there’s a chance they will fight and cause all sorts of chaos. I find it difficult to see that segregation is the way.” Dr Tony Sewell, the prominent black educationist, said: “I think what Trevor is saying is that we need some of our pupils to have a black time-out: to take a step back. “There is a lack of focus with some of our boys and taking them aside occasionally can be beneficial. But kids perform better in a mixed context.”

Speaking of the American experiment Phillips admires, check out this aspect of the program.

"In impoverished East St Louis, schools have introduced programmes such as “Dads for Doughnuts”, which reward fathers with coffee and doughnuts for going to parent-teacher meetings and becoming involved in their sons’ education. "
I don't care how poor your black ass is, if you need coffee and doughnuts to be an incentive to get involved in your child's education, you need to be neutered. At least give out a whole pizza or 20 dollar coupon to the local supermarket chain, something that doesn't seem as goofy as "Dads for Doughnuts."

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