Thursday, March 24, 2005

Union fights for religious holiday!

New York: Not really.

"March 24, 2005 -- The city Department of Education yesterday softened its stance on allowing employees to take Easter Monday off for religious purposes after hundreds of teachers complained of discrimination. The department's about-face contrasted with a directive given a week earlier that urged principals not to let staffers take Easter Monday off because it is "not an actual religious holiday." Principals said the original directive also applied to Holy Thursday. The Catholic Church says neither day is a "day of religious obligation." City schools normally enjoy Easter Monday off as part of a weeklong spring break linking Easter and Passover. But the dates of both holidays did not match up this year. Spring break is April 25-29. The teachers' union blasted the initial order as "anti-religious" and vowed to defend teachers disciplined for taking the days off. "
Please, this is about teachers wanting their day off. Religion has nothing to do with it.

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