Friday, March 25, 2005

Ward Churchill in trouble?

People: Via Michelle Malkin. The gist is Ward Churchill is in trouble not for his stupid 9/11 speech which he should be not be, but for other aspects of his career.

- In the course of this review, we have determined that the allegations of research misconduct warrant further action. - Question of ethnicity. Regarding misrepresentation of ethnicity to gain credibility...we believe such misrepresentation may constitute research misconduct and failure to reach standards of research integrity. - We have concluded that allegations of research conduct related to plagiarism HAVE SUFFICIENT MERIT TO WARRANT FURTHER INQUIRY. Will refer to Boulder Campus Standing Committee on research misconduct.

Review could take up to seven months. "

That last part could be seen by people as the university to drag this out as long as they can until everything dies down. But the parts cited is a strong case for him being an academic fraud.

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