Sunday, April 24, 2005

Adscam in 100 words or less

Canada: If you still kinda confused about this whole Liberal Adscam debacle, Andrew Stark professor at University of Toronto explains it.

Q. How does the sponsorship imbroglio differ from the typical Canadian scandal? In the garden-variety cases of graft, you have a private individual who makes a contribution to the governing party, then gets a public contract. The difference here is that the individuals seem to have made their contributions not only by digging into their wallets but by channeling public money to the party as well. You have party workers doing government work by handing out contracts, government members doing bureaucratic work by deciding where projects should go, bureaucrats telling companies whom to hire, and private businesses paying people to do party chores. It's a total breakdown of all the moral, legal and institutional boundaries that we expect to see observed.
Via Andrew Coyne.

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