Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Alfonso Gagliano rips Paul Martin, says investigate him.

Canada: This was the guy implicated by a mob informant that he was a member of the mafia. Now he says the breakup of Canada will happen because of Martin and says the inquiry should investigate Martin.

Former public works minister Alfonso Gagliano said Monday that Prime Minister Paul Martin has taken Canada and the federal Liberal party down the road to ruin. "He's going to destroy the party and break up the country,'' Gagliano said during an interview with Radio-Canada, the French-language network of the CBC. He said Quebec sovereignty is inevitable after the revelations at Justice John Gomery's inquiry into the sponsorship program once headed by Gagliano _ and if the Conservatives replace the minority Liberal government. ....Gagliano, who was recalled as ambassador to Denmark by Martin, made no apologies for the revelations at the inquiry but denied allegations by former Quebec Liberal organizer Benoit Corbeil that volunteers were paid by the Groupaction Marketing firm. Gagliano said it was his understanding that the party paid the volunteers. He also wondered why the sponsorship inquiry did not investigate how Martin financed his own run for the Liberal leadership. "Certain communications firms that were close to Mr. Martin, Earnscliffe to be exact, took in ... millions of dollars,'' Gagliano said. He said there was nothing scandalous in the sponsorship program to his knowledge.

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