Friday, April 22, 2005

French No Vote support goes higher.

EU: Latest poll has the no vote at 62%. I doubt it is really that high, but the steady majority no vote on every poll so far is closing any chance of the yes campaign getting any momentum.

French surveys have shown a steady rise for a ``no'' vote to the charter that the 25 EU leaders, including French President Jacques Chirac, signed in October in Rome. The latest French poll, published Friday, indicated that 62 percent of voters will reject the constitution in the May 29 referendum - the highest figure so far. The poll, conducted Wednesday, was published Friday in the French daily Metro. No margin of error was given in the Internet poll of 1,000 people conducted April 20 by the Market Tools agency. A day earlier, a poll in the weekly l'Express put the ``no'' vote at 58 percent. There has been no victory for the ``Yes'' camp in more than a month of polls about the May 29 referendum, and the French government's concern is evident - along with that of EU officials in Brussels. ``It is very clear the European Commission ... is worried by the turn of the statistics,'' EU spokeswoman Francoise le Bail said. ``One must question if these results are really stable. But the trend seems to be there and that in itself is worrying.''
oh yeah, another strike is on the way.
A French government bid to abolish a May bank holiday in order to raise money for the elderly appeared headed for serious trouble Friday after unions said workers were being exploited and called for a day of strikes and protests. In a law last year, President Jacques Chirac's administration turned Whit Monday -- which this year falls on May 16 -- into a normal working day in order to produce an extra two billion euros (2.6 billion dollars) for a "National Solidarity Fund." But with the day approaching, nearly three-quarters of French workers say they oppose the suppression of the holiday -- and for unions the dispute has become a useful pressure-point agains a government traumatised by fears of a "no" vote on the European Union constitution.

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