Thursday, April 28, 2005

Iran now calling the shots in E-3 nuke talks.

Iran: Remember that Newsweek story where Jack Straw talked about Bolton being too tough on Iran and Powell said to get a different view who would be softer? Since that point it has become even worse for the E-3 and now it has hit the motherlode of ineptitude.

Reuters: VIENNA, April 27 (Reuters) - Iran is ratcheting up the pressure on EU giants France, Britain and Germany to accept its plan to join the world's nuclear club, European diplomats said on Wednesday. Sharing Washington's suspicions that Iran is trying to develop the capability to produce atomic weapons, the European Union has demanded that Iran give up its nuclear fuel programme in exchange for economic and political incentives. Iran, which insists its nuclear ambitions are limited to the peaceful generation of electricity, says uranium enrichment is a sovereign right it will never renounce. Four months of talks have not changed Tehran's position. Iran has taken the offensive in the talks, diplomats said. "We are on the defensive now," a diplomat from one of the EU trio countries said about the next round of talks in London on Friday. "We are no longer talking about cessation (of uranium enrichment) but exclusively about the Iranian proposal." He said there would be no breakthroughs at Friday's meeting though it might result in a flood of angry rhetoric from Iran, which would not get any definite response from the Europeans."
This is like Alex Smith and the San Francisco Forty Niners trying to reach a contract deal to get him into camp, he holds out and a month later he is somehow close to owning the team. I knew the E-3 would screws up the talks, but I never thought it would reach to this level of incompetence.

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