Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ken Salazar "apology" is just as bad.

Politics: Democrat Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado said he was sorry for calling a Christian group the Anti_Christ.

Washington - Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar said Wednesday that he regretted calling Focus on the Family "the anti-Christ," saying he had misspoken. Salazar uttered the theological term, popularized in the 1970s movie "The Omen," in an interview with a Colorado Springs television station about his war of words with the conservative Christian group. "From my point of view, they are the anti-Christ of the world," Salazar told the station. Salazar, a first-term Democrat, said he was intending to call the Colorado Springs group "un-Christian," a term he began applying last week after Focus attacked his stance on judicial nominations in the Senate. "I spoke about Jim Dobson and his efforts and used the term 'the anti-Christ,"' Salazar said in a written statement from his office. "I regret having used that term. I meant to say this approach was un-Christian, meaning self-serving and selfish."
This would be like someone calling me a N****R, getting called on it and saying he was sorry because what he meant to say was house negro.

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