Thursday, April 28, 2005

Muslim leader sorry for rape slur..somewhat

Australia: This is a fine non-apology apology, I still haven't seen any evidence that the people at this meeting were the ones who were outraged and blew the whistle on this slime. I guess that say a lot about the audience.

Sheik Mohamad, 34, has admitted to telling a lecture in Bankstown, in Sydney's south west, that women who wore skimpy clothing encouraged men to rape them. NSW Premier Bob Carr condemned the religious leader's comments and said he would approach the Community Relations Commission to provide him counselling. But the sheik backed away from his earlier comments, claiming he had been misunderstood and had made a mistake. "I know I said something not thinking at that time. However, with all honesty from the depths of my heart I never meant it like this," Sheik Mohamad told the Ten network. "Maybe I should have said it another way meaning they are attracting to themselves and are partly to blame but not fully to blame."

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