Thursday, April 28, 2005

NYTimes speaks, Katie Couric goes on charm offensive

Media: When the Nytimes takes apart one of their own liberal elites, that's a sign to get back into shape. That means running to the Larry King of print media, USAToday which runs not one but two articles on the ratings war between Today show and GMA. The problem is Katie Couric, not some producer who had to fall on the sword and people seem to have caught on.

(Viewer perceptions of personalities — so-called Q scores, performed by TVQ Evaluations, Inc. — show that Couric and Sawyer share the same high negatives: 16% of viewers rate both women "fair or poor," compared with 11% for Lauer and 8% for Gibson. But in terms of positives, 16% of viewers say Sawyer is "one of my favorites," compared with 12% for Couric and Lauer and 9% for Gibson.) In an e-mail, reader Bill Kauzlarich of Farmington, Ill., wrote, "I'm a big fan of Katie (love those legs and heels), but she sure seems full of herself." Monday, in a letter to USA TODAY, Mokhtar and Sohair Hamada of St. Louis asked whether Touchet was the problem or whether Couric had made viewers such as themselves switch to GMA. "Is it the producer whose name and face we have never seen on the Today show, or is it the lead anchor Katie Couric? Or is it both?" they asked. Shirley White of Birmingham, Mich., wrote: "Katie's style has evolved into a know-it-all interviewer who constantly speaks over her guests and at times comes off abrasive."

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