Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Paul Martin deal with NPD is worth $4.6 Billion dollars

Canada: I never knew you could legally buy a party off after it is revealed you are corrupt, but Jack Layton and Paul Martin did it. Its not about Canada anymore, its about saving the Liberal party, be happy Canadians.

Those two parties look set to try to topple Martin next month and force a June 27 election, either by defeating the budget or by passing a non-confidence motion over alleged Liberal corruption. "My first response is that Mr. Martin and Mr. Layton think C$4.6 billion of taxpayers' money is the price to make corruption go away, but I wonder if the taxpayers of Canada are going to think the same thing," Harper said during a campaign-style tour of vote-rich Ontario. Layton said he would now not back a motion of non-confidence in the government at least until the budget had been approved. Parliament is due to start discussing the budget next month, but it was not clear when a vote would be held. "I know people will say Mr. Layton really likes corruption (by not supporting a non-confidence motion)," Layton told a news conference. "That's absolutely ridiculous." BUSINESS CALLS DEAL "EGREGIOUS" Canadian business immediately panned the budget deal. "It is an egregious move on the part of the government to take promised corporate tax relief out of the budget in the hopes of getting the budget passed," said Canadian Chamber of Commerce President Nancy Hughes Anthony. The problem for Martin is that even if he clinches the deal with the New Democrats, the two parties combined would have only 151 seats in the 308-seat elected House of Commons. One of those, the Liberal speaker, votes only to break a tie.

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