Friday, April 22, 2005

Paul Martin in real trouble now. BONO is angry!

Canada: Poor Paul Martin the guy can't catch a break as the world's self appointed shake down artist Bono is unhappy with him.

OTTAWA (CP) - If being mired in scandal and threatened with imminent defeat weren't enough, Prime Minister Paul Martin capped off a brutal week by striking a sour note with his most famous fan. Rock superstar Bono is irked by Martin's refusal to meet a long-stated standard for foreign aid increases. "I'm annoyed," the U2 frontman says in an exclusive interview to be aired Saturday on CBC Radio's The House. "I'm bewildered, really. I'm disappointed. "I can't believe that Paul Martin would want to hold up history." ....Martin recently said he won't commit to spending 0.7 per cent of gross domestic product on foreign aid by the year 2015 because he's not convinced the country can afford it. But Bono, showing a keen knowledge of Canada's domestic prosperity, would not let the prime minister's contention go unchallenged. Ottawa has racked up successive multi-billion-dollar surpluses, and countries such as Britain, France and Germany commit to the 0.7 benchmark. "There is a blessing on this country, on Canada," Bono said.
As if Canada doesn't have programs and infrastructure to take care of at home first, any amount of surplus must go to Bono's ego..I mean programs.

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