Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Paul Martin says corporate taxes are still on the table.

Canada: The man doesn't give a damn anymore.

OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin says he will push ahead with tax cuts for big corporations despite his budget deal with the NDP - provided the Conservatives support the move. It appears to be an effort to paint the Tories into a tight political corner so that the Liberals can blame them for blocking the tax cuts if they bring down the government. "We have pulled the large corporate tax cuts out of this budget to be pursued in a separate piece of legislation," Martin told The Canadian Press in an interview Wednesday. ...Conservative officials were flabbergasted by the prime minister's offer. "The (budget) yard sale continues," said party spokesman Geoff Norquay. Martin's new promise appeared to fly in the face of a deal Martin agreed to on Tuesday with NDP Leader Jack Layton. In return for the NDP's support on a budget vote, the minority Liberals agreed to delay promised tax breaks for big companies in favour of $4.6 billion in additional social spending over the next two years.

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