Thursday, April 28, 2005

Punching newborn baby to death gets you no jail time.

Australia: Justice Bernard Bongiorno tells all who disagree with him, you don't know nothing.

A schoolgirl who secretly carried her baby to full term and then punched it to death moments after giving birth feared losing her parents' respect after becoming pregnant, a court was told. Lauren Jayne Curnow, who had pleaded guilty to one count of infanticide, was a 17-year-old secondary school student at the time of the killing and never told her family or friends after she became pregnant to her boyfriend, the Victoria Supreme Court was told. Justice Bernard Bongiorno sentenced her to a three-year good behaviour bond and ordered her to undertake counselling and other treatment under the directions of her psychologist. ...Judge Bongiorno said some people who did not know all the facts of the case may believe the sentence did not punish Curnow, but he said he did not believe she should go to jail. "I am satisfied that the interest of the community and particularly the interest of you are best served by you becoming a useful member of society, certainly not by going to jail," he said. "(Your) punishment could be served without you having to serve more time in jail."
Kill a baby, no jail time only counseling, now why would people believe she got away with murder?

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