Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What does Canada, North Korea and Cuba have in common?

Canada: They are the only 3 countries in the world to ban private health care according to this story.

More than half of Canadians believe they should be allowed to pay for private health care, as long as there is also free care available for all who need it, a new poll finds. In the new Leger Marketing poll, the national average was 52% in favour of allowing "those who wish to pay for health care in the private sector to have speedier access to this type of care while still maintaining the current free and universal health care system." Forty-two per cent were opposed, and 5% had no opinion. Quebecers were most likely to support a private system alongside the public one, with 65% saying yes, followed by British Columbia at 56%, and the Prairies at 51%, the poll found. Ontario and Alberta leaned slightly to the no side, with 46% and 45% in favour of private care. Only 37% of respondents in the Atlantic were in favour of private care. ....Michel Kelly-Gagnon, president of the Montreal Economic Institute, which commissioned the poll, said the results reveal a gap between Canadian laws and opinions. "Unless you're absolutely a communist, you have to agree that, with your disposable after-tax income, you should have the right to consume whatever it is that you want, including private health insurance," he said. ...."I don't see any federal party currently having a genuine plan to harmonize the Canadian health care system with what everyone else in the world does," Mr. Kelly-Gagnon said, but he expects it is inevitable. "I cannot imagine that we're going to remain for the next 50 years the only country with Cuba and North Korea that's banning a private parallel system."

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