Thursday, May 19, 2005

Belinda is a lesson to Canadian conservatives

Canada: Never trust someone who is friends with Bill Clinton.
"In a dramatic culmination of weeks of pitched demands that the government resign, Members of Parliament cast their ballots twice Thursday afternoon. In the first round, on Bill C-43, the vote went as expected -- in the government's favour. Liberal MPs paused briefly in their voting to give a standing ovation to Finance Minister Ralph Goodale, who first introduced the budget to the House of Commons. The final count was 250 for, 54 against. In the second round, on the new multibillion-dollar spending package negotiated with NDP Leader Jack Layton, the result went the same way. The combined block of Liberals, NDP and Carolyn Parrish carried 152 votes, the same number as the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois. That left Independent MPs David Kilgour and Chuck Cadman to swing the result. Kilgour followed through on a pledge he made publicly just hours earlier, voting for the budget, but against the additional spending package. Cadman, however, voted with the government. Speaker of the House Peter Milliken was left to make the final, deciding vote in favour of the government. "I don't know why Honourable Members keep doing this to me," Milliken said, as he rose to address the tie vote.
To show how dishonest Belinda is,
Bloomberg: Martin's support got a boost Tuesday when Belinda Stronach, a former leadership candidate for the Conservatives, defected to the Liberals. Stronach, 39, former chief executive of car-parts maker Magna International Inc., said she didn't want to force an election less than a year after the last vote. And she was concerned the Conservative link with the Bloc Quebecois would strengthen support for separatism in Quebec. Martin appointed her Minister for Human Resources."
The entire reason the Bloc Quebeconis have made gains are because of the Liberals and her defecting over will just give the Bloc more ammo against whatever is left of the Liberals in Quebec.

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