Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bob Geldof announces Live8.

Entertainment: Wooooo, yet another go at self indulgent rock star rocking the free world to feel good about themselves raising money.

LONDON (Reuters) - Charity rocker Bob Geldof on Tuesday announced plans for five star-studded concerts aimed at pressuring world leaders into eradicating African poverty. Twenty years after the Live Aid sensation, the man dubbed "Saint Bob" for organising the 1985 concert to save the starving in Ethiopia wants to influence the G8 group of industrialized nations which meets in Scotland in July. "Here we are again," Geldof told a news conference in London, adding that he hoped to use the concerts "to tilt the world a little bit on in its axis in favor of the poor." "It seemed to me that we could gather together again, but this time not for charity, but for political justice."
Look at the fine shape Ethiopia is in after the Live Aid sensation today. This is a farcical sideshow. When people want to get serious about helping Africa, such as changing the political/societal aspects of the various African countries, which will help bring about change a lot quicker than Madonna warbling on a stage, then I will be more interested. This is nothing more than a bunch of simplistic mental midgets getting together for publicity.

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