Thursday, May 19, 2005

Muslims hate America, but like our aid money.

Muslim: This is a deliberate failure in this day and age by Muslim leaders and in large part Muslims themselves to be filled with such misinformation and ignorance. As someone who grew up in a Muslim family, this is downright embarrassing.

"The report, by Charney Research, is based on 14 focus groups conducted last December and January among college-educated men and women in Egypt, Morocco and Indonesia. Anger at U.S. foreign policy and at the U.S. government dominated spontaneous reactions in all three countries. Many young Muslims said they admired Osama bin Laden, while views of President Bush were uniformly negative. All focus group members rejected U.S. views of the war in Iraq, saying the United States invaded on a false premise to further its own regional goals. Anti-Semitic stereotypes also were noted. Focus group members saw the United States and Israel as synonymous and estimated the proportion of Jews in the U.S. population at up to 85 percent; it is 2 percent. The report found negative opinions of the United States are taking a toll on U.S. companies, and that amounts of U.S. aid were massively underestimated; not one person in any focus group knew the U.S. is the world's largest donor by dollar amount. "Most Egyptians and Indonesians put U.S. support for their countries over 10 years in millions; the correct figures were $7.3 billion and $1 billion, respectively," the authors said. When asked what they wanted from the United States, focus group members said respect and aid to develop as their countries choose."
"We hate your guts, most of you are Jews, but send more money."

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