Thursday, May 19, 2005

Now we get the real deal from the press about radical Muslims

Terrorism: Via Instapundit.

BLAME THE CRAZY MUSLIMS: This seems to be the rapidly-gelling defense of Newsweek. True enough -- and as Christopher Hitchens and Austin Bay have been saying, media outlets like the Times have been failing to point this out in the past. ...It may have taken a journalistic scandal to unclog the pipes, but it's nice to see people finally noticing this, and holding the "Arab" (or at least Muslim) "street" to account as moral agents. That hardly excuses Newsweek's journalistic failings, though. (And I suspect that if a falsehood by Rush Limbaugh had led to a race riot, people wouldn't be taking this tack.) Still, with David Brooks, Jeff Jacoby and Tom Friedman all on the same page here, perhaps the press will begin to recognize that this isn't Vietnam redux, but an entirely different sort of war. One in which, I should note, the enemy counts on journalists to be sloppy, biased, and willing to excuse or ignore Islamist extremism in the service of domestic politics.

That will disappoint Poynter and Editor and Publisher who have lead with the defense that Scott McClennan/White House are evil incarnate trying to control them. Now we will get press releases from C.A.I.R berating the press for blaming Muslims for the violence. But in the end, the press after a couple of weeks will go back to blaming America.

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