Thursday, May 19, 2005

Poor little Belinda Stronach, stop picking on her.

Canada: In Banada, the major media outlets are decrying how "mean" the conservatives are to poor Belinda calling her names. The fact she doesn't have qualifications to sort envelopes, much less get a cabinet position is a nevermind. She did "whore" herself for political ambition, male or female, that is a fact. The reasons she gave for being a political whore are downright ridiculous and illogical unless you are a Canadian liberal who have long since been addicted to government handouts like a crack addict. Corruption and criminal activity are fine as long as you keep the money coming which has rightly earned Canada the title of a banana republic. Can you think of any other country that someone can claim to be a democracy trying to pull off as much blatant bribing as Paul Martin as done without being thrown out on their ass? Not even France who has been trying to get the Non opinion damaged would be able to pull this off with payoffs to political parties and business/worker groups. If nothing else, Conservatives learned the hard way that you can't trust a moderate, especially one who feels it's her divine right to be a leader because she is daddy's little rich girl.

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