Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tidbits from the French EU constitution vote.

EU: Chirac being told to shut up because he is unpopular, but he insists on being everywhere.

European Union constitution supporters are urging French president Jacques Chirac to stop campaigning for the landmark document ahead of a crucial French referendum next week, saying his unpopularity makes him a liability. The centre-right president, ignoring the calls and new poll numbers showing his popularity at a three-year low, was pressing on with his push for the EU charter in a TV appearance yesterday. "It would be better if he kept quiet," said Francois Rebsamen, the number three official in the opposition Socialist Party, which, like Chirac, also wants a "yes" victory in the May 29 vote that is being watched across Europe. "His word is counterproductive."

Both sides are ramping up their campaigns with the "non" vote again in the lead.

Telegraph is reporting that there is a secret plan to "rescue" the constitution with a plan B despite the public claims there is no plan B.

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