Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tony Blair left to clean up the EU mess.

EU: The European elite have a very low opinion of their people as they refuse to take "NON" for an answer.

"TONY Blair has started a behind-the-scenes attempt to kill the European Union constitution - defying growing international pressure to carry on with a British referendum. The Prime Minister is heading for a battle with a series of EU leaders as a result of his insistence that the constitution has perished with France's No vote on Sunday, and that it cannot be revived by a British Yes. He is facing angry calls from Greece, Ireland, Spain and Luxembourg to press ahead in the hope that French voters may change their minds in a second vote if the question is phrased differently. Mr Blair learned of France's emphatic No result while on holiday in Italy. At lunchtime yesterday he spoke to Jacques Chirac, the French president, to tell him that he believed it is now time to draw a line under the constitution. But Mr Chirac objected, saying that Britain should carry on. Mr Blair had been expecting such a response and replied that he would only do so if the French government could guarantee it will try a second time on exactly the same constitution. The Foreign Office believes Mr Chirac will never give such an assurance, knowing that it is likely to return a No vote far bigger than the 55 per cent on Sunday. The French president made no comment in public. Peter Mandelson, Britain's EU Commissioner, hinted at this yesterday. "France will have to consider whether it's going to ... to revisit the question and possibly come forward with a different view," he said. His words were picked up with fury by the French media - in what may have been a warning shot to Mr Chirac that Britain can make life difficult for him.
Spain must be seeing those large subsidies going the way of the dodo, I would fight too to keep that gravy train going. But it's actually a quote from a Tory candidate for leadership that has me furious.
"The Conservatives will be as relieved as Labour about the French result, as a referendum campaign threatened to split the party. Kenneth Clarke, a contender for the Tory leadership election, said he thought a referendum was an "unbelievably silly idea". The public should not be consulted on a "complicated legal document" like the constitution, he said, and such decisions should have been left to ministers. "
What an ass, if the Tories wish to go back into the void of a very minor party, putting this guy in charge will go a long way in helping that cause.

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