Wednesday, May 18, 2005

UK suburbs in the grips of feral youth.

UK: Via Telegraph

Feral youths are running wild in suburban streets with no fear of either the police or the criminal justice system, a senior police officer said yesterday. Chief Supt David Baines, of Greater Manchester police, spoke out as Phil Carroll, 48, continued to fight for his life after being attacked by a gang of youths he had confronted in an alleyway behind his home. ....Mr Baines said: "We have gangs of young people with alcohol hanging around on street corners being abusive, swearing, intimidating and causing trouble. "They then go on to damage property or, as we have seen with Mr Carroll, to commit a very vicious and unprovoked assault. "They are feral, have no parental control or respect for anybody and are often fuelled by alcohol. They don't give a damn about the police or the criminal justice system."

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