Monday, May 23, 2005

Update on the Williams sisters

UK: Previously talked about here, we get two updates as it turns into a soap opera.

The Sun(1): "SCHOOLBOY dad David Ryan began having sex with Jemma Williams when she was 11 — as her mum Julie slept in the next bedroom. David’s family last night told how Julie allowed the under-age pair to spend the night together even after worried neighbours alerted cops and social workers. " The Sun(2): "A LAD named by Jade Williams as the father of her baby last night demanded a paternity test — because he is WHITE and the child looks BLACK. Ben Flitton wants a DNA check to prove he is not the dad. He admits he had a one-night stand with Jade, 14. And at first he accepted her assertion he was five-month-old Lita’s dad, even buying the tot clothes and toys. But Ben’s father Ian, 38, said: “You’ve only to take one look at Lita now to know it’s impossible. She is clearly different to my son.”
More discussion on the sisters here, here, here, here, here. More Blog results at Technorati. Update! The father of two of the sisters didn't know he was a grandfather till he read the papers and is pissed. Now the police are going to get involved because of these reports to see if laws were broken.

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