Friday, June 24, 2005

Africa Union declines to actually do something about Mugabe.

Africa: No one can be shocked by this, especially South Africa saying they want to continue with their soft diplomacy stance. They are all cowards.

"....More than 200 international human rights and civic groups demanded Thursday that Zimbabwe stop the campaign. They also urged Zimbabwe's neighbors to take action against the country at an upcoming AU meeting in Libya. That plea was echoed Friday by Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who said Mugabe remained in power because of the support of some of the countries around him. Top diplomats from the world's leading industrialized nations - including British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - also urged African leaders in the region to act against the campaign they described as an outrage. The rights groups released a smuggled video Thursday showing bewildered families sleeping in the open in the winter cold after police torched and bulldozed their shantytown homes. Street markets also were targeted, their stalls left in smoldering ruins. Police prevent journalists from filming the demolitions, so the footage was collected clandestinely by the church-based Solidarity Peace Trust. The Zimbabwean government pledged to build new houses for those it has made homeless. Zimbabwe's neighbors - including regional powerhouse South Africa - have resisted taking a strong public stand against abuses there, preferring a policy of quiet negotiations. AU spokesman Desmond Orjiako said Friday it was "not proper" for the 53-member body to interfere in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe - especially if it is trying to prevent crime or "ensure Harare does not turn into a slum."

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